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Highlight Types: Stand Out With Versatile Color Styles

Highlighting is a popular coloring technique that can add dimension and luminosity to your hair. With a wide variety of styles and techniques available, you can customize your look and achieve a unique effect that suits your style and personality. At our salon, we understand the importance of highlights and how they can enhance your natural beauty, so we're excited to introduce you to some of the most popular types.

  1. Balayage highlights: Balayage highlights have become a very popular trend in recent years. This technique involves the application of color in a subtle and natural way, with a degraded effect from the roots to the ends. Balayage highlights provide a sun-kissed, low-maintenance look as they don't require frequent touch-ups. They are ideal for creating a more natural and luminous appearance.

  2. California wicks: California wicks are perfect for those who want a bolder and more striking style. This technique is characterized by creating a remarkable contrast between the darker roots and the lighter tips. Inspired by the style of Californian surfers, Californian highlights add a touch of freshness and shine to your hair.

  3. Babylights: Babylights are the ideal option for those looking for a subtle and natural result. This technique involves applying thin, delicate streaks throughout the hair, mimicking the look of natural highlights seen in young children's hair. Babylights add softness and luminosity to your hair, without too much of a contrast.

  4. Ombré Highlights: Ombré highlights are a sleek and modern way to achieve a gradual color transition from roots to ends. This technique involves keeping the roots darker and gradually lightening the color towards the ends. The result is a gradient effect that creates a soft and flattering contrast.

Remember that each type of wick requires proper maintenance and care to maintain its appearance and durability. Use hair care products recommended for colored hair and follow your stylist's recommendations to touch up highlights as needed.

In our beauty salon, we have expert color stylists who can help you choose the type of highlights that best suit your style and provide advice on proper maintenance. Come and discover a world of possibilities with highlights and experiment with your hair to achieve a unique and dazzling look!

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